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Healthcare Management

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Indian Student Association, Pakistani Community, Healthcare Management Society (Secretary), Bengali Student Association, Branchfer Club

My favorite thing about the Storrs campus is...

The diversity and inclusiveness of the campus. I enjoy the social life, the clubs and organizations that are present around campus and the many events and resources that students can use to meet new people and socialize. Through everything that UConn hosted, I was able to meet and network with many professionals, alumni and mentors that helped guide me to succeed on this campus. The clubs here host a variety of events that are actually enjoyable and fun to attend. There is so much you can do on this campus. It really is an engaging opportunity for you to explore what UConn has to offer. And once you find your way around the campus and what's going on, you will have fun.

Most challenging aspect of moving to the Storrs campus...

Separating from my friends back at the regional campus and adapting to the new life here. You may find that some of your friends will be involved in various clubs and academics that may impact your friendships. It's common, and it's something that you may have to cope with. But, you will definitely meet new people that you can relate to easily. The classrooms, relationships with professors and friends, and the atmosphere are completely different. It took some time for me to adjust and get used to how this campus works, but I found my way around by getting involved with the clubs here and being more open to new things. It helped me to grow not only as a student but as a person.

One piece of advice you would give to a campus change student....

Don't rush it. Everything is going to feel intimidating to you, and that is completely normal. You're going to be in an environment where the routine and structure of the main campus is way different from a regional campus. However, there are many resources that you can use to help you get comfortable here at Storrs. Once you familiarize yourself with those resources and what's accessible to you, you will find your place here much more easily than you'd imagine. Also, be prepared to manage your time wisely and to pace yourself while doing schoolwork or studying for exams. The workload that you will have here on Storrs is a bit more rigorous than what you would normally find at a regional campus. Trust me when I say don't push things back! Everything will work out just fine if you know what you are doing.

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