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Speech Language and Hearing Sciences

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Research Assistant, WOW Leader, On Campus Job, Language for All, ASL club, Alternative Breaks, RUF

My favorite thing about the Storrs campus is...
The resources and opportunities available in different departments, that can aid your resume. Through positions you can hold in random, yet interesting organizations or clubs pertaining to your major helps many of students here to build character and leadership skills.

Most challenging aspect of moving to the Storrs campus...
The most challenging aspect of moving to the Storrs campus is the social, academic, and independent lifestyle. Being able to balance the time to hang out with friends, while managing to transition to an academically challenging campus isn't easy; especially when you need to find time to take of your need (laundry, mental health, and finding time to eat with your busy schedule)

One piece of advice you would give to a campus change student....
A piece of advice I'd give to a campus change student is to maintain time management skills. It's cliche but it's truly the foundation to keeping your sanity and health when encountering stress and transitioning to a new environment. As long as you grind through the school work during the week, you'll be able to use your weekends for personal time and rebuild your motivation for the week ahead, without feeling burnt out.

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