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Biological Sciences

Campus of Origin:

Avery Point


Indian Association, Pre-Med Club

My favorite thing about the Storrs campus is...
What I like about Storrs is having different places to study, you can always find a little corner away from everything to get work done and Storrs center. There are great places to eat, such as Little Aladdin and a nice change of scenery to hang out if you want.There are also a lot more clubs/activities to do (compared to Avery Point).

Most challenging aspect of moving to the Storrs campus...
A challenge of moving to Storrs is that I am a commuter student and the drive was tough in the beginning however, after a while you get used to the drive.The class size was a bit a shock since I was used to having smaller classes. Another challenge I faced coming to Storrs were finding the buildings my classes were in and overall finding things on campus, but don't worry googlemaps/snapmaps is your friend.

One piece of advice you would give to a campus change student....
Keep up with your work because it may not seem as much but you can and probably will fall behind pretty fast. Go to class as often as you can because professors like to add more information and not put it on their slides. Go to office hours or email if you have any questions.

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