The transition from a regional campus to the Storrs campus can be challenging, exciting, and sometimes overwhelming. Knowing what services are available or where offices are located can be problematic. Who is my new academic advisor? Where would they be located? In order to assist you in the transition process we have developed this Campus Change website.

A Message from the President

As you begin this new chapter in your UConn career, let me extend a sincere welcome to the Storrs campus. I know your work at your regional campus has prepared you well for class–and life–in Storrs, and I have every confidence that you will succeed here as well.

All of UConn’s campuses have things in common: excellent faculty, a challenging and stimulating curriculum, a dedicated and diverse student body, and a great staff.

There are also some differences. Storrs is many times the size of the regional campuses and many of the students at Storrs live away from their families – either in residence halls or off campus. And there are also more choices for you to make in terms of classes and activities.

I urge you to make the most of this opportunity. Enjoy the surroundings, the very active campus life, the company of your fellow students and, most of all, your classes. I am delighted that you will continue to be with us, and I wish you the best in the semesters and years to come.

Susan Herbst