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Academic and Administrative Resources

Academic Achievement Center

Here we assist students in attaining their academic and personal goals by providing a comprehensive, personalized array of programs, resources, and services which enhance skill development, effective decision-making, and personal transitions to and within the university setting.

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Academic Calendar

Important dates for all UConn students, including breaks, finals and deadlines.

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Get in contact with your advisor. You must set up an appointment in order to register for classes for the upcoming semester.

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Bursar Office

If you need to make a payment or have a question about payment methods check out the Bursar Office.

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Career Development

Through partnership with employers, alumni, faculty, and staff, we connect students to quality career development resources, internships, experiential learning, and post-graduate opportunities.

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Center for Students with Disabilities Services

The mission of the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) is to enhance this experience for students with disabilities. Our goal is to ensure a comprehensively accessible University experience where individuals with disabilities have the same access to programs, opportunities and activities as all others. The Center is also committed to promoting access and awareness as a resource to all members of the community.

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Student Health and Wellness (SHAW): Mental Health”

The mission of Counseling and Mental Health Services is to provide the highest quality clinical services to promote the emotional, relational, and academic potential of all students. We are committed to the core values of respect, responsiveness, innovation, and quality to enhance the unique experience of each individual at the University of Connecticut.

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Dean of Student’s Office

The Dean of Students Office is committed to the mission of the University of Connecticut and the Division of Student Affairs by providing diverse experiences and support that empowers student success. The Dean of Students Office serves as an advocate for students and as a centralized resource for connecting students with appropriate university and community programs, offices and individuals. The office supports students in resolving educational, personal and other university concerns that affect the quality of their academic or community life and personal goals.

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Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office works to help students with scholarships, FAFSA and other money matters.

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Various forms that may be needed throughout your time here on campus.

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Honors Program

The University of Connecticut Honors Program has a long history that began over fifty years ago, and has grown into a vibrant community of over 2,000 students spanning all of UConn’s undergraduate schools and colleges. Led by Director Jennifer Lease Butts, guided by the Honors Board of Associate Directors, and supported by a dedicated staff, the Honors Program offers students an enriched undergraduate experience.

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International Students and Scholar Services

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) supports the greater internationalization of the University of Connecticut through the development and delivery of services and programs that help our international  students, scholars, faculty and staff accomplish their academic and professional goals at UConn.

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Q Center

The University of Connecticut’s Quantitative Learning Center (Q Center) is a resource to elevate the proficiency of students taking quantitative intensive (Q) courses across the undergraduate curriculum. We provide direct assistance to students via peer tutoring, review sessions, and the creation of innovative learning tools.

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The Office of the Registrar supports the instructional and student progress endeavors of the University by providing quality services to students, faculty, academic and administrative departments, and the public.Services provided by the Office of the Registrar include course record management, classroom assignment, final exam scheduling, publication of the University's Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs, academic record creation and maintenance, student registration, grade processing, transcript issuance, degree auditing for graduation, and monitoring of academic and administrative policies.

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Residential Life

UConn Residential Life enhances students' personal, interpersonal and intellectual growth by creating safe and inclusive environments, innovative programs, and fostering meaningful relationships.

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W Center

Come to the Writing Center with your assignments, ideas, questions, and drafts. Our undergraduate and graduate tutors are ready to work with you at any stage in the writing process. The Center also supports those who teach W courses and partners with offices across campus to enrich UConn’s academic mission.

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Get Involved

Cultural Centers

There are 5 cultural centers on campus; The African American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, Puerto Rican/ Latin American Cultural Center, Rainbow Center, and the Women's Center. Each cultural center works to empower and educate their members through various events and activities.

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Employment on Campus

Do you want to earn a little extra money? Get an on campus job!

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Enrichment Programs

The Enrichment Programs are offices that provide enhancing experiences for UConn students, encouraging them to elevate their studies. The Honors Program is unique in that it requires an invitation, determined by a holistic review of every UConn candidate.

The remaining Enrichment Programs are open to all students at all campuses. Our Directors work with undergraduates to navigate competitive scholarship and fellowship competitions, offer guidance on research, and mentorship for professional degrees. There are also opportunities for students to craft their own plans of study through individualized studies or the highly selective University Scholar Program.

We encourage you to explore all that Enrichment Programs can offer, and invite you to be our partner in helping students reach their goals.

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Greek Life

With over 2,700 members and nearly 40 chapters organized in four councils, fraternity and sorority life offers a unique lifelong involvement opportunity that can be one of the most significant and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. We are a community of commitment that has been a UConn tradition for over 130 years and it is our hope that you will find that our award winning fraternity and sorority community espouses excellence, integrity, and honor...

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Homer Babbidge Library

The Library can help you solve problems big and small by giving you access to the world of information – assisting with your research, helping with your teaching, and giving you a place to think, innovate, and collaborate.

We are designating 2019 as our ‘Year of Reflection’, a time for the staff and our colleagues across campus to come together and answer the question – what is the right library for UConn. Our work will include an assessment of where we are, where we would like to be, and a map of how to get there. Grounding us will be a set of values that will serve as a lens or frame of our everyday interactions and long-term work.

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UConn Recreation is committed to offering safe and quality programs, facilities, and services to the University of Connecticut community in order to foster personal growth and wellness. We promote healthy lifestyle choices in an environment that values, embraces, and enriches individual differences, in which customer satisfaction is the priority.

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Student Activities

Community Outreach, Leadership Opportunities, Services, Initiatives, and Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

With over 600+ clubs on campus there is something for every student to enjoy and get involved. Learn about a variety of events going on around campus and sign in using UConntact.

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Study Abroad

UConn Education Abroad exists to support UConn's global strategic objectives by providing accessible learning opportunities for students to become globally-minded and engaged critical thinkers committed to making an impact in their communities.

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Veteran Affairs and Military Services

Our office provides a full range of benefits and services to students that have served or continue to serve in our Armed Forces. These services include benefits processing, event programming and community outreach.  Our goal is to provide an excellent experience for all veterans and members of the military that attend the University of Connecticut and for each of them to know that they are an important and integral part of the University.  We encourage you to utilize our available resources, along with those of other departments throughout the University, to maximize your educational experience here at UConn.

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Werth Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

As one of the nation’s top 25 public universities, UConn is actively engaged in promoting entrepreneurship and commercial ventures as part of its mission. Here to drive the future of innovation, enterprising students, faculty, and businesses alike can tap into a variety of resources, from our Technology Incubation Program (TIP) to the Learning Community Innovation Zone and beyond. UConn supports every aspect of innovation and business development, from the research that breeds new inventions to connecting entrepreneurs with funding resources and training.

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