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Getting Involved

Now that you have made it to the UConn Storrs family, there are so many ways to get involved. With over 600+ clubs on campus, Greek life, sports, community outreach and research opportunities there is something for everyone.

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Campus Change Association

We are constantly trying to develop new ways to help campus change students adjust to the new campus. Their mission is simply put,"We’re here to try to make your transition easy and fun. We’ve been through the transition ourselves – we know the joys and we know the struggles – and we want to offer you the support we wish we had".

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Now that you have transitioned up to Storrs, it is important to set up an appointment with your new advisor and get to know them and plan out your next steps. Your advisor is going to be a great resource in helping you adjust to the new campus.

Where To Find Your Advisor

If you are unsure of who your new Storrs advisor is you can quickly check it on Student Admin under "My Academics".

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Making an Appointment

In order to find out how your advisor makes appointments you can access your school or college’s advising website.

Storrs Resources

There are an infinite amount of resources available for you at the Storrs Campus. Click here to learn more about each offering.