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Are you interested in moving to a regional campus?

Step One:

Check if your major is available at the regional campus of your choice below.

Step Two:

Meet with your Storrs Academic Advisor to discuss degree completion

Step Three:

Complete the online application to request your campus change to a regional campus.

Step Four:

Change your classes in Student Admin to chosen regional campus

Step Five:

Contact the Bursar's Office and notify them about your campus change

Step Six:

Contact Financial Aid in Storrs to update your package

Step Seven:

Cancel Storrs housing through Residential Life

Please make sure you are working with your advisor to ensure you meet campus requirements if you intend to return to Storrs after changing to a regional campus.

Click the Regional Campus Picture Below to See if your Intended Major is Available


Front of Hartford building

WaterburyWaterbury Campus



UConn Stamford at Night

Avery PointAvery Point Campus