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Campus Change Requirements

In order to campus change from a regional campus to the Storrs campus students have to fulfill the programmatic requirements for their major. For most students this is the completion of 54 credits. However, where required course work is not available at the regional campuses, students may find it necessary to switch to the Storrs campus at an earlier point in their undergraduate career.

In registering for courses, students need to work with their advisor to plan out subsequent semester course loads to see when a change of campus is warranted. Using guidance from their advisor, supported by the Student Services office at the regional campus, students may be able to change to the Storrs campus earlier if course work necessary to progress toward degree completion on time requires them to do so. In order to campus change to the Storrs campus before the completion of 54 credits requires permission from the Director of Student Services at the studentÕs regional campus.

Normally, students should be planning to be at the Storrs campus after completion of 54 credits. Students should pay attention to any deadlines for applying to change campus, for applying for on-campus housing at Storrs, etc. rather than just wait until course work has been completed Š this is even more important in situations requiring the need to change campuses earlier.